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“Chain” is an agenda video game focused on raising awareness about global industrial waste and mass production. 

Understanding that games have a lot of impact power, it was important to me to assimilate my values through the medium. Since I am an activist in the field of ecology it was clear to me that this would be the main theme of the game. When I came up with the idea for the game I was apprehensive, the intention was to produce a game that aims to convey a message and not necessarily be meant for fun. I chose to build the game in three stages, with each stage becoming more intense both in the level of difficulty and in the level of pressure. It was important to me to find the best way to convey a feeling to the actor. The game simulates a production line designed for mass production. Mass production is a critical problem in wasting resources and waste generation, and I hope I gave you a little bit food for thought :)

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